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BRÜ Mustard -

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Small batch mustards made with all-natural ingredients and no thickeners. Sold in 220ml glass bottles.

The Belgian Abbey Ale mustard has notes of orange zest and coriander, aromatics typically found in the beers of Belgium. It has a touch of sweetness coming from brown sugar and it works wonderfully with roast chicken, turkey, grilled pork… and of course on all types of sandwiches!

The German Rauchbier mustard has a distinctive smokiness and just enough heat to make it a perfect mustard. It is inspired by the traditional German smoked beer of the same name and makes for an excellent partner to grilled meats, salmon, potato salads… and of course on all types of sandwiches!

The Irish Stout mustard is a complex and earthy mustard getting its inspiration from the most popular beer style of the Emerald Isle. It has subtle notes of espresso, cocoa and molasses, making it a complex addition to any roasted lamb or beef, or a great flavourbooster for any vegetarian dish, especially with mushrooms…and of course on all types of sandwiches!