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Carmencita Botanical Fusion Sachet for beverages

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This pack contains 3 sachets of assorted botanicals (1 floral gin, 1 spicy gin and 1 mystic gin) that transform your drink in a unique experience.

Ingredients Hibiscus Flower (70%), Dehydrated Strawberry (19%), Dehydrated Blueberry (10%) and strawberry flavouring.
Ingredients:  Cardamom (49%), Orange Peel (30%), Lemon Peel (15%), Cinnamon (5%) and cinnamon flavouring.
Ingredients:  Ginger (50%), Orange Peel (45%), Pink Pepper (4%) and orange flavouring.

How to use:

  • Pour 50ml of Gin into a glass
  • Let the bag brew for 2 mins
  • Add ice and stir well
  • Add your favourite tonic (about 200ml)

Presented in a box with instructions and each sachet is foil wrapped to keep the botanicals at their best.

About Carmencita

Carmencita is a Spanish family company with nearly 100 years of history.  The company brings together the very best in spices and condiments in its botanical flavours. The Botanicals range is perfect for gin-lovers and cocktail fans to tailor their drinks for their own tastes.

Origin: Alicante

Product of Spain