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David's Dry Rub Chicken Wings 250 gr

David's Dry Rub Chicken Wings 250 gr

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Our David's Dry Rub Chicken Wings is full of umami flavor that makes your mouth water. Create memorable wings that everybody can enjoy.

Ingredients:chili, paprika, inulin, lemon powder (lemon peels, citric acid, lemon oil), cumin, buckwheat flour, umami powder (sea salt, lion's mane mushroom, maitake, shiitake, garlic, tomato, porcini, champignon, onion, Red miso ( soybeans, rice, water, sea salt, koji)), Mexican chili (chili, salt, red pepper, herbs, spices), onion, garlic.
  • WHAT TO USE IT ON – Our Wings Dry Rub is fantastic on all chicken parts! You can even sprinkle it over a whole chicken before grilling or roasting. Drizzle a little bit of oil over the chicken, then sprinkle as much rub as you’d like over it. Use your fingers to rub it in, then grill as your normally would!
  • FLAVOUR THAT MAKES YOUR MOUTH WATER – The presence of umami-rich compounds in foods has been linked to the stimulation of the salivary glands, meaning wings and chicken cooked with this rub are more umami and mouthwatering.
  • WHAT IS UMAMI – Commonly referred to as 'the fifth-taste', umami can be indescribable. Neither sweet, salty, bitter or sour, umami is a flavour unto itself and this dry rub is packed with it!
  • OTHER USES – Made for chicken dishes, but makes countless other dishes stand out! Add it to anything from burgers to eggs, meats or sauces for an added depth of flavour that is sure to take your recipe to an entirely new level. Add some to roasted potatoes or as a seasoning for veggies.

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