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Singers Caesar Drink Mix

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All of Singers Caesar Mixes have no MSG additives, are Gluten-free, and lower in sodium.

Not only their our Caesar Mixes delicious to drink – why not try cooking with them! The savoury, spicy, delicious flavours of our Mixes are perfect in stews, soups and sauces. Use them as a marinade for beef or pork, or pour them over a rack of ribs and slow cook them to perfection!


The Mildly Spiced Caesar Mix, contains just enough ‘heat’ to make it enjoyable for those who would prefer a milder Caesar drink. It delivers a nice little kick, which is important to all Caesar lovers, and still maintains that delicious Caesar flavour!

The Spicy Caesar Mix has been mixed with enough hot sauce and chili pepper extract to satisfy lovers of a spicier/hotter version of a Caesar drink. You won’t be disappointed! If you desire more spice – add a spicy bean or two to your Caesar, or try some using hot sauce, which complements our Spicy Caesar Mix beautifully!

Finally, a Vegan Caesar Mix! Singers Vegan Caesar Mix contains all-natural ingredients as well and is beautifully spiced! It has a delicious Caesar flavour, without the shellfish AND, it’s sugar-free, thanks to the addition of Date Puree! We know you will love it!