Gift Baskets 🧺


When I first purchased the store I knew there would be gift baskets involved, but I didn’t know to what extent I would be doing gift baskets, gift sets, and wrapping. 

l must tell you I was really nervous making baskets at first and my first order, well , I can honestly say may have not been my best work. 
Proud to say they were still attractive but may not secure enough to ship. 

I really didn’t know there was such a technique to using a heat gun, shrink wrap and placing the objects in so they don’t move. “GLUE DOTS”The goal is to make  it look attractive and appealing. I mean it’s a big deal, it’s a special gift, you want people to feel joy when they see it. 

I watched countless hours of YouTube videos on how to wrap, how to place, what to put in basket, little tips and tricks.

As the weeks have passed by I’m really getting the hang of gift baskets. I absolutely love to see the smiles, ( I can tell even through the mask ) as  you are picking up the orders. 

I love adding little finishing touches to them just make them special and l really appreciate each and every order. 

As the Christmas season is coming to a close I’m already starting to think of ideas for next year.
Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and more.
l am looking forward to making a special gift basket for any special occasion. 
Any ideas?

I’m open to suggestions!!


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