Private Tasting Socials

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Olive Oil Tasting Socials

Tasting events at O&V are fun and informative!
What is Olive Oil Tasting all about?
Olive oil tasting is a sensory evaluation process that involves assessing the flavour, aroma, and texture of different types of olive oil.
You will sample an oil from Greece, Spain, Italy, Tunisia or California and if the timing is right you may get to taste an Olio Nuovo from Laconiko with the highest polyphenol count we carry. 
By evaluating these characteristics, you can gain a better understanding of the quality and flavour profile of the olive oil you are tasting, and determine which oils are the most suitable for your cooking or culinary needs.
We are very proud to be the only supplier in Ontario of Laconiko Koroneiki EVOO. We have also picked up some of their award winning Aged Balsamic Vinegars.




 Let us walk you through the delicious and beautiful world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

 Here is what to expect:

¬†‚Äč-¬†Learn how EVOO is made and why FRESH is best

- Learn how to identify the variety of flavours that can be found in different olive oils

- Learn about the health benefits of this amazing food

- Learn how to use different EVOO in your kitchen

 Parties are for 6-12 people.
$25 per person paid at time of booking- non refundable 24 hrs before event.
Approximately 2 hrs 

Includes light lunch, refreshments, recipe card or pairing chart 

Each person will take home a 50ml bottle of their choice of  their favourite Olive Oil or Balsamic. 

Shopping available with a discount night of event. 

Send email to for more information and availability. 



We also offer some great themed events!

We can host an Open House for your clients- Great for Customer Appreciation 

Some Like it Hot- Hot Sauce Tasting 

Make Your Own Salad Dressing using Olives and Balsamics

Cheese Socials- Taste a variety of Cheeses from Gunn's Hill, Mountain Oak and Bast Cheese and learn how to pair them with different foods and wines

Girls Just want to have Fun- Social night for you to hang out with your gal pals and sample 

High Tea- Sounds like fun- Enjoy a tea and some yummy treats

Crafting, Painting, How To's and more- we have space for you to come in and demo 

Do you have an idea for an event? Let us know and we can work together to host one for your group.


How to Book?

Pick a theme and email us to book a time. We will get back to you within 24 hours with dates available.

Bookings are available on Tuesday evening 6-8, Thursday evenings  6-8 and Sunday afternoons 1-3 or 2-4     Monday in the day on occasion.

If these times don't work let us know 



group of girls sitting around a table sampling bread and olive oil