Hi I'm Donita, Owner of O&V!

I have always had a passion for health and wellness, clean eating, clean products, and l particularly pay attention to my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for myself and my family.

I am a firm believer when presented with an opportunity take it and run with it.

O&V was just that. This incredible opportunity was introduced to me when Diane, my sister-in-law, called me to let me know O&V Tasting Room in Cambridge was up forsale. They say timing is everything and it was just at the perfect moment in my life. Italian Herb Fused olive oil was the deal maker for me. Once l had a taste of this delicious oil l was hooked. I couldn't wait to try it again on pasta.

Why Olive Oil and Vinegar?

Because it is part of almost every meal!

When you taste olive oil and vinegar made with passion and truth, you are changed forever!

Every meal is an opportunity for enjoyment! A poor meal is a missed opportunity... we can't have that!

At O&V, we ensure that all our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are chemically tested to confirm that they are extra virgin and our producers are constantly winning awards for their oils.