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Epices De Cru 8 Pepper Blend

Epices De Cru 8 Pepper Blend

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Eight Pepper Blend is very rich, flavourful and perfectly balanced – the fruit of innumerable tests and refinements. Its heat matches regular pepper, making it an ideal all-purpose pepper blend. Conventional pepper blends are often little more than colour combinations. Not this one. This blend is the delightful result of a delicate balancing act aimed squarely at flavour. Comprising a careful balance of Tribal green, Tellicherry black and Indonesian white peppers as well as Indian Long pepper, Guinea pepper and the highly fragrant Imperial Sichuan, Voatisperifery and Cubeb peppers. Eight Pepper Blend is engineered for use in all pepper mills.

In a nutshell: Perk up your pepper palette with this Eight Pepper blend including fragrant Tribal Green, Long Pepper, Guinea Pepper, Sichuan, Voatisperifery and Cubeb!

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