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Apero Spice Duo

Apero Spice Duo

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Enjoy an apéro, Montreal style! An apéro is like a cocktail hour, often a prelude to dinner party, in which guests enjoy drinks and small snacks before the meal. The trick to a good apéro is to keep it simple but keep the flavors coming at the same time. 

It doesn’t get much easier than Dukkha! Just grind it with your choice of nuts and serve it with bread and olive oil. Your guests just dip a piece of bread in the oil, then in the Dukkha blend- there’s even less work for you! The ground spices also make a great crust for grilled fish as well. 

Za'atar is another that just takes a little bread to make it great. A popular blend in the Middle East, it’s at once salty, sour, and aromatic, and makes a great condiment for little dishes. You just have to spread some on some bread or sprinkle it on a hummus or dip. It also makes a great seasoning for salad dressings or grilled meat. 

Made in QC, Canada

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