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Epices De Cru Tellicherry Black Pepper

Epices De Cru Tellicherry Black Pepper

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Pure, and full of flavour, these large Tellicherry pepper berries come from India’s most respected black pepper terroir. Our Extra Bold Tellicherry peppercorns are from a small village in the mountains of Kerala and are of exceptional quality - EB means  'Extra-bold’ referring to the large size of the peppercorns, also known as Grade 10 pepper berries in India. Tellicherry is the most famous black pepper exporting region of India. “Tellicherry” is  simply the name given to single-estate peppers from Kerala, distinguishing them from other Malabar Pepper blends from the region. While many Malabar peppers are of very high quality, Tellicherry peppercorns are always consistently the best, and boldest pepper that money can buy. These large, fully ripened berries have a remarkable rich flavour and a lingering heat. Make Tellicherry pepper a must for your everyday pepper grinder and you'll notice the difference immediately. Try them in savoury dishes, any black pepper sauce, or even added to certain desserts - we even use them on rice pudding and porridge!


In a nutshell: Make these Single Estate Tellicherry peppercorns a must for your everyday pepper grinder and you'll notice the difference immediately.

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