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David’s Popcorn Seasoning

David’s Popcorn Seasoning

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Make every night movie night with David’s popcorn seasoning. If you are a fan of the traditional pairing of salt and vinegar, you will love David’s pure sea salt and bright, fresh, slightly sour vinegar seasoning made specifically to top popcorn. Simply prepare your popcorn in the microwave or using the traditional stove top method, spritz or drizzle a flavourless oil to maximize equal coating, sprinkle the seasoning, and toss until fully combined.


Also Try...

BURGERS – The next time you’re making hamburgers, add a nice sprinkle of our salt and vinegar seasoning over the meat after taking them off the grill. This adds such a delicious tangy flavor to the burger, much like the potato chips.

WINGS – Our Salt and vinegar seasoning goes great with wings. When you're done frying or baking your wings, take them out and sprinkle on some of our salt and vinegar seasoning. They will be delicious with the familiar taste of salt and vinegar chips that we all love.

FRIES – If you like a side dish of fries with your main, you might think that the only way to serve them is with some salt. Well, what if you’re wrong? Rather than reaching for the salt shaker once they come out of the fryer, add some salt and vinegar seasoning to them instead.

POTATO SALADS – Potato salad is one of the easiest sides you can possibly make. Just add some boiled potatoes to mayonnaise for a quick, no hassle dish. You’re good to go! Still, if you want to make it extra special, adding some salt and vinegar seasoning is a fantastic idea.

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