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David's Ultimate Crispy Chicken Coating 480 gr

David's Ultimate Crispy Chicken Coating 480 gr

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David’s Ultimate Crispy Chicken Batter is made with simple clean ingredients, flour, panko, modified cornstarch, garlic, coriander, paprika, shiitake, garlic and tomato. Vegetarians can enjoy this batter with onion rings, cheese sticks, chocolate bars and so much more!
PERFECTLY FLAVOURED – Our crispy chicken batter has a distinct and delicious flavour. Chicken pre-salted then coated with this batter before frying results in a delicious, crunchy, irresistible crust. You’ll taste the herbs that made the chicken so fragrant, and enjoy a mouthful that is equal parts crispy, flavourful, and juicy!

SATISFYING CRUNCH – If you’re looking for the secret to the ultimate crispy chicken, you’ll be sure to find it with David’s Ultimate Crispy Chicken Batter. Experience a satisfying crunch with every bite of your juicy, crispy chicken.

MULTIPURPOSE BATTER – While David’s Ultimate Crispy Chicken Batter was made to bring homemade fried chicken to the next level with its classic flavour and crispy crunch, it also has other uses in the kitchen. Fry some Fish with this batter and you’ll have yourself a new favourite fish & chips spot - your own home! Ever tried a deep-fried chocolate bar or cookie? Now’s the time!

FRESH SPICES – Made with only the freshest of spices to provide a delicious flavour and enhance your fried foods.

DIRECTIONS – Our ultimate crispy chicken batter is simple and convenient to use. Simply mix 1 part batter with 2 parts water and mix. Dip the chicken or fish into the batter until it is coated. Deep fry for about 15 minutes, turning every 2 minute

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