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Everthing Umami Seasoning - Epicureal 200gr

Everthing Umami Seasoning - Epicureal 200gr

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Add the flavour of an everything bagel to your favourite food with the incredibly versatile Epicureal Everything Umami Seasoning 

It is a premium blend of seeds and spices. Some possible uses include adding it to a plain or sesame bagel or using as part of a meat rub. over eggs, trail mix, even fruit salad for a little kick.

Low calorie delicous spice blend with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion and garlic mixed with umami and chilli powder

Ingredients: Sesame seeds, sea salt, onion powder, poppy seeds, garlic, Umami powder (sea salt, lion's mane mushroom, maitake, shiitake, garlic, tomato, porcini, champignon, onion, red miso (soybeans, rice, water, sea salt, koji), chilli powder (chili, salt, red pepper, herbs, spices

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