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Chipotle Smoked Jalapeño Spice

Chipotle Smoked Jalapeño Spice

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This powder provides the deep, rich and smoky flavour and aroma of Chipotle chilies ready to add to chili, in dry rubs for ribs or pork shoulder, or to toss with salt and dust on sweet potato fries or fresh corn tortillas. Chipotle powder is made from ground smoked jalapeno peppers and has a lovely deep red colour. It is a beautiful garnish for deviled eggs, is a delicious seasoning in turkey or chicken burgers, is wonderful in bean and squash soup, and adds a distinct flavour to flourless chocolate cakes, brownies or hot chocolate.

Try this- Mix 1 tsp Chipotle Powder with 1 cup mayo for an amazing french fry dipping sauce.

Origin: United States
Ingredients:Chipotle Pepper
  • GREAT FOR SAUCES - Use this powder and create a delicious chipotle mayonnaise for your sweet potato fries or burger.
  • JACK OF ALL TRADES - Incredibly versatile, this Chipotle Powder can be used to season barbeque meats, flavour a spicy dip, or to add a touch of spice to chocolate desserts.
  • SMOKED TO PERFECTION - This Chipotle Powder is made from jalapeno peppers that have been smoked to perfection, which gives the powder it's deep red colour.
  • THE PEFECT GARNISH - Its deep red colour and smoky and spicy flavour make this powder a great garnish for appetizers including soups and deviled eggs, so that the flavour and appearance of your appetizer will stand out.
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