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Epicureal Mesquite Spice

Epicureal Mesquite Spice

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The distinct smokey flavour without the prep time, this Mesquite Smoke Powder is the perfect way to infuse rich Southwestern flare into your favorite dish. Add the powder to your barbeque inspired meals like baked beans, sauces, burgers and meat for a taste that is sure to satisfy.



maltodextrin (corn), natural mesquite smoke flavouring, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent).

Origin: United States
  • THE SOUTHWESTERN SMOKE - The southwestern or Texas-style smoke powder is famous for its richly distinct taste. Mesquite is a hardwood that creates a full-bodied, earthy twist that you'll find in southwestern barbeque dishes. The Mesquite Smoke Powder imitates the authentic flavour and brings it to the convenience of your kitchen.
  • EASY TO USE - With Mesquite Smoke Powder, you can say goodbye to long prepping time and time-consuming efforts. It's a ready-made product that's perfect to infuse a smoky touch in an instance. Just dry rub it over any meat you want and see the fire burning hotter than ever!
  • PERFECT FOR ALL THINGS BARBEQUE - The Mesquite Smoke Powder is created to make your BBQ outing a success. Just sprinkle it over BBQ meats and they will inherit a rich smoky southwestern flavour. If you want to take it slow, just add it to sauce and soups and see how they add a new dimension for your taste buds to savor.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY WITH ANTI-CAKING PROPERTIES - The Mesquite Smoke Powder is created as a vegan-friendly product so that you can enjoy your food responsibly. It also has silicon dioxide which prevents the formation of lumps.
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