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Japenese Plum Ume Powder

Japenese Plum Ume Powder

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  • Similar to an apricot or plum, the Japanese ume fruit’s distinctive, somewhat bitter taste.
  • Sprinkle its distinct flavour on popcorn, shaved ice, and fresh fruit. Blend it into smoothies and margaritas for a burst of fresh sour taste.
  • HOW TO USE – Ume powder can be used as a salty spice to add to many of your favourite dishes. Helps bring out the overall flavour of a dish, while adding a subtle accent of its own.
  • TRADITIONAL YET CONVENIENT – Ume Plums are a traditional japanese food which originated in China, and has been popular in japanese culture for centuries. This powder brings the complex flavour of umeboshi to your fingertips here in North America.

Salty and Sour, All Natural, No Additives

Epicurial -175 grams  

Origin: China

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