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O&V Tasting Room Elmira

Eve's Crackers

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Black sesame—or should we call it the pairs-well-with-everything cracker—has a subtle savoury sesame flavour that is perfect for folks who prefer a more neutral tasting cracker. But, don’t call this cracker basic. Black Sesame is the upgrade you need for your avocado toast and homemade dips.
Savoury Sunflower is easy to love. Satisfyingly savoury notes of umami and garlic make this cracker ridiculously snackable. Your chips better watch out. Enjoy these plain, straight out bag, or dunk them into some fresh tomato basil salsa.
Savoury toasted pumpkin seeds with a hit of red pepper chili flakes make this our boldest, yet most devourable cracker. Perfectly paired with a smooth spread of hummus, or with a spoonful of your favourite homemade soup, this seedy cracker will be the moment day, or night.
Cracked Pepper-Light and lovingly sprinkled with pepper, the newest member of the Eve’s Cracker family is sure to become a fast favourite! A blend of flaxseeds, chia seeds and buttery sunflower seeds give this cracker an earthy yet indulgent taste. This crackers is an essential accompaniment to your next charcuterie board.
108 g
gluten, free, keto, vegan, high fibre