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Firecracker Pepper Sauce

Firecracker Pepper Sauce

Firecracker Pepper Sauce

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Firecracker Pepper Sauce is a Toronto based husband-wife team, hand-making premium Trinidadian style hot  pepper sauces. 

Their ingredients are all natural and fresh - and their sauces are made without the use of preservatives. They're made in small batches with care and attention to every detail. The sauces are ALL NATURAL, GLUTEN FREE,  VEGAN, and made in ONTARIO!

Authentic Trinidadian - Firecracker "Original " is Authentic Trini style pepper sauce. This sauce is made with an authentic family recipe, emulating the flavours and taste of Trinidad. Every Trini has a variation of this sauce on their table.   If you like authentic and spicy, this is for you. It's easily the most versatile sauce you'll ever try - it goes well with everything! Try it on steak, chicken, mango salads (trust me), eggs! Spice rating, 4.5/10

Mango Madness -  This sauce is a Double Award Winner, placing in the top 3 at the Royal Winter Fair 2019 and 1st place award winner for “Best All-Natural Hot Sauce” from the Canadian Hot Sauce Awards 2020! It's tangy and fruity - with a little bit of zip at the end. Made with "Julie" mangos, cilantro, and scotch bonnet peppers. Spice rating: 3/10

Ingredients: Carrots, mangos, water, scotch bonnet peppers, lime juice, vinegar, cilantro, salt, garlic, chadon beni

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