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Gingras Vinegars

Gingras Apple Cider Vinegar - Quebec

Gingras Apple Cider Vinegar - Quebec

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The freshness of the raspberries infused with Gingras xo blends perfectly with the smoothness of the extra old vinegar. Unpasteurized. Natural sediments may develop.

Ingredients: Apples, raspberries

- Extra Old Apple Cider - Balsamic Type

The apple must reduction added to GINGRAS XO offers a fruity, velvety balsamic type vinegar, ideal for sauces.

Ingredients : cider vinegar, concentrated apple must, potassium sorbate, sulfites

 Adding pure maple syrup to our GINGRAS XO cider vinegar results in a stunning product rich in subtleties.

Ingredients: Cider vinegar, maple syrup, potassium sorbate, sulphites

Bottle Size - 200ml

***Product is made in Quebec***

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