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Nith Valley Apiaries

Honey - Small Jar

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Golden Wildflower - Wildflower is a stronger, more robust tasting honey. This honey is foraged from all the first spring flowers such as dandelion, dogwood and hawthorns. Bees gather nectar from many different flowers, and every region has its own unique flowers. Therefore, wildflower honeys will change based on season and region quite a bit. You may find that caramel and maple flavour notes describe this honey, and sometimes a slight woodsy or fruity taste.

Pair it: a mild blue cheese (goat cheese if you don’t like blue), red wine (Chianti), freshly sliced figs, walnuts. 

White Clover - Clover honey is a mild but sweet honey foraged in the midsummer months, mainly from hay fields and pasturelands. Our clover is known for its simplicity of flavour and versatility in use.

Grassy but still floral, clover has warm notes of butterscotch and beeswax. Clover also has distinct notes of vanilla and toffee, depending on the region in which it was produced.

Pair it: a Pecorino cheese, brie cheese, unripened goat cheese, flatbread crackers/baguette, Pinot Blanc.

Amber Buckweat - Deep and rich, buckwheat honey has musky notes of caramel and molasses, maybe black treacle or malt. You may detect a “barnyard“ scent, which is a common description of strong buckwheat honeys. People generally love it or are not fans at all. Buckwheat honeys are usually more expensive because farmers do not grow a lot of buckwheat in Ontario. Where it is grown, the bees are placed nearby to target those fields.

Pair it: Brie, mascarpone, nutty cheddar, hardy stilton, dessert wines (Banyuls or tawny port), pecans, walnuts, crepes, bacon.