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O&V Tasting Room Elmira

Lakeside Pickles

Lakeside Pickles

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Quarter Dills

Bread and Butter Pickles 750mL

Sweet and Tangy! Just like Grandma’s traditional recipe. Pickles are sliced “cross-cut” and are packed with pizzazz! Accompanies a pastrami & Swiss cheese sandwich with flare. Use it to cleanse your palate when eating prosciutto. Bet you can’t eat just one?

Quarter Dill Pickles 750mL

A.K.A. Dill Spears! A tangy, zippy, intense taste. Best to lay it side-by-side with an old fashioned deli sandwich on a Kaiser bun. Mix it into a pate. Use it as a stir stick for a “Bloody Mary” or a Caesar. When finished with the jar, don’t dump the brine out, use it to bring life to potato salads and salad dressings.

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