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O&V Tasting Room Elmira

BBQ Bliss Box

BBQ Bliss Box

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Unleash the ultimate grilling experience with our BBQ Box for DAD! Packed with gourmet rubs, savoury sauces, and high-quality balsamic vinegar. This curated box is perfect for backyard chefs and BBQ enthusiasts alike. Each box promises a delicious adventure that will ignite their passion for grilling. Give the gift of mouthwatering moments and unforgettable flavours with our BBQ Bliss Box – the perfect recipe for a sizzling good time! 

What's Inside?

O&V Smoke Infused Balsamic Vinegar 200ml

The Garlic Box Chili Pepper & Garlic Seasoning 

Big Smokin' Mama Dry Rub & Seasoning 


Neil's Real Deal BBQ Sauce

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