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Rustichella D’Arbuzzo GF Pasta

Rustichella D’Arbuzzo GF Pasta

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Fusilli - All the taste of corn contained in a specialty made exclusively with organic controlled and selected raw materials from Italy. 

Penne Rigate - A type of pasta very well appreciated throughout all Italy. Their main feature is the characteristic shape, which looks like a “pennino” (fountain pen). It is famous for being so versatile thanks to its “design”, which allows it to collect the condiments properly, and the deep grooves running on the outer surface, which allows the condiment to stick to the pasta. Made with only 100% organic whole wheat rice flour following the artisan slow drying process at low temperature, it preserves all the organoleptic characteristics and is perfect for main courses with meat-based sauces, or combined with vegetable-based condiments such as peppers, courgettes and artichokes. 

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