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The Sampler Gift Set

The Sampler Gift Set

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A delicious collection of flavours packaged together to make the perfect gift! Each set contains 6 x 50ml bottles, a recipe card to help you get started. All wrapped with tissue and finished with a bow.

Choose from 1 of 5 options.

 Grilling Master

This set is made up of flavours the take your grilled dishes to the next level! Mix into your burger mixes, marinade your meat and fish and add a finishing drizzle over your grilled potatoes and other roasted vegetable for a ton of delicious flavours! 

  1. Garlic Fused olive oil
  2. O&V Italian Herb Fused olive oil
  3. Garlic & Butter Infused olive oil
  4. Smoke Infused Balsamic vinegar
  5. Maple Infused Balsamic vinegar
  6. Aged Bourbon Infused Balsamic 

Taste of the Mediterranean

This set consists of flavours that are perfect for making vinaigrettes, pasta dishes and roasted meats and vegetables.

  1. Garlic Fused Olive Oil
  2. Basil Fused Olive Oil
  3. O&V Italian Herb Fused Olive Oil
  4. Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar
  5. Fig Infused Balsamic Vinegar
  6. Aged Bourbon Balsamic 

Sweet Tooth- Balsamic Lover

This set consists of balsamics that are amazing on fresh fruit, gelato, ice cream, greek yogurt. Top on blue, feta or goat cheese for a gourmet touch to your charcuterie board. Drizzle over roasted root vegetables, glazes for meats, salads, bread dipping and a cool refreshing spritzer. Endless options!

  1. Blueberry Dark Balsamic
  2. Raspberry Dark Balsamic
  3. Blood Orange and Chocolate Dark Balsamic
  4. Coconut Lime White Balsamic
  5. Cranberry Pear Dark Balsamic Vinegar
  6. Tropical Passion White Balsamic 

Easy Hors D'oeuvre

This set consists of flavours that are perfect for setting out a delicious dish of oil and vinegar and dipping with a nice crusty bread. Asparagus and Prosciutto wraps, warmed olives, Caprese Skewers and fruit kebobs are just a few things you can do with this delicious set.

  1. O&V Garlic Basil Fused Olive Oil
  2. O&V Italian Herb Fused Olive Oil
  3. O&V Lemon and Herb
  4. Traditional Dark Aged Balsamic
  5. Fig Infused Dark Balsamic
  6. Lemon Cucumber White Balsamic

O&V Signature Oil Blends

This set consists of Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oils that a full of flavour, created in-house using our own recipes. 
These signature flavours have become our best sellers. Perfect gift to give a good selection of different oils  that pair with our best Traditional Balsamics from Modena, Italy

  1. O&V Garlic Basil Fused Olive Oil
  2. O&V Italian Herb Fused Olive Oil
  3. O&V Mexican Magic Fused Olive Oil
  4. O&V Lemon and Herb Fused  Olive Oil
  5. Traditional Dark Barrel Aged Balsamic
  6. Traditional White Balsamic 
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